View and share your group tour online

March 2015

Running great group holidays is really just a by-product of our aim to make things as easy as possible for you, the group travel organisers. Our latest way of seeking to help you is to put your group’s own tour on our website so that you and your members can view the tour online and share it with friends and family. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to distribute details of your tour to as wide an audience as possible.

We already (and will continue to) produce as many full colour 4 page printed brochures and booking forms as you need to distribute to your members. Those brochures will quote a unique password. By entering this password on the Tailored Travel website, everyone who receives the brochure will be able not only to view the tour online but also to send an email to friends and family with an online link to all the details of the tour. Hopefully, this way the tour can be easily advertised to more and more people and not simply to those at any given meeting.

Please note that no one can book onto the tour online – they must still complete and return the booking form with their deposit payment to you. That way, you can still control who and how many join your tour. However, once booked on the tours, your members have the option to pay their final balance online. They can, of course, still pay by cheque or by card on the phone as before.

And when the tour is over, those who went on the tour can upload and share with others photos and reviews as they reflect on another great group holiday with you.