A Perfect 10!

July 2014

When Michael started the business back in 1998 and then his brother John joined him two years later, Tailored Travel was two men & a phone. Four years later the foundations of the business had been lain and it was time to introduce a non-family member! And so it was that Sandy Cornish joined Tailored Travel as head of Operations on 12 July 2004. 10 years later and Sandy is still with us and now heads up an Operations team of four.

Best in the Business

Sandy joined us after the sad demise of Concorde and with it the tour operator she worked for. With that background, Sandy was well trained in first class customer service and, happily for us and our clients, she brought those skills to her role as operations executive at Tailored Travel. 10 years on and Sandy now heads up an Operations Department which has grown to a team of four who make sure that every aspect of what is promised by Michael and Damian in the Sales Department is delivered on the ground.

Of course, this requires close attention to every detail of the tour but it also takes calmness, patience and humour with suppliers, clients and staff alike. While every tour and every group is different and there are always surprises to keep us on our toes, there is nothing that throws Sandy and not much that she hasn’t seen before. We honestly believe she is the best in the group travel business.

And our Clients Agree!

We think Sandy is wonderful, and so it seems do our clients:

"Many thanks for a wonderful tour to Orkney, thoroughly enjoyed by us all. All credit to Sandy for her organisational skills and empathy with what we wanted."
VH, Galashiels

"Sandy, can I thank you personally for the way in which you organised our visit - I cannot fault anything so a big thank you and I hope we can work together again."
JW, Meopham

"A quick line to thank you and your staff, especially Sandy, for organising our Art History visit to Florence. From my initial request for information, Tailored Travel has been outstanding constantly keeping me updated. All your arrangements worked like clockwork."
DR, Cheltenham

"Thank you so much for all your usual excellent help, Sandy, it was an enjoyable trip and I would thoroughly recommend Bordeaux, it is so beautiful."
KB, London

"A big ‘thank you’ to you, Sandy, for setting everything up so meticulously. The fact the trip went so smoothly was largely down to your detailed planning."
MH, Oxted

Behind Every Great Woman

Just as much as we appreciate the loyalty of our Group Organisers, we also appreciate the loyalty of our staff. With that loyalty comes stability, consistency and experience. Of our 9 staff, 5 of us have been here for more than 8 years and no one less than 3. While Sandy has been with us for 10 years, Damian in Sales and Louise in Operations are not far behind, having joined on the same day 8 years ago back in February 2006. Simon (2008) and Sandy Borland (2010), both in the Accounts department and both from Croydon, stayed with Tailored Travel even after we moved offices from ‘just down the road’ to Tower Bridge. The ‘new girls’ are Nicola and Kate in Operations who joined 3 years ago in September and March 2011 respectively.

So What’s Changed?

The answer: everything and nothing. 10 years ago when Sandy joined Tailored Travel, there were just 3 of us working out of one room in a business centre in West Croydon. Now we are 9 based in our very own offices near Tower Bridge organising triple the number of tours we did back in 2004. The aim is still to be the best there is in the Group Travel sector and with the help of Sandy’s experience, expertise and hard work, we think we are exactly that!