Introducing 'whisper' audio headsets

January 2014
Whisper audio headsets

There are many joys in travelling with a group. Trying to hear your guide in a hushed gallery or during a walking city tour on crowded streets isn’t one of them! It may be that you have a group of 30 and not all of you can be within easy earshot of the guide all the time. The solution is ‘whisper’ audio headsets, which enable everyone to clearly hear what’s being said all of the time even at a distance of up to 150 metres.

The advantages for your group

We are happy to organise whisper audio headsets as part of the personalisation of your UK or European tour. They really come in to their own when you have a larger group led by a specialist local guide, an art historian or a NADFAS lecturer or if you have lots of guided tours at galleries or the like. With the headsets, your group won’t have to be split into smaller groups for guided tours thus avoiding the inevitable comparisons between the virtues of different guides at the same venue.  

The science behind the headsets

Your guide will have the ‘master’ headset which includes a mouthpiece for him or her to speak into. All other members of the group will be given a lightweight listening device which can be worn around the neck with a disposable earpiece which allows everyone in the party to clearly hear the guide. What’s more, the earpiece is one sided, to allow you to hear traffic noise and other sounds from your other ear, meaning that safety isn’t compromised.

It’s easy & effective

We will organise for the devices to be delivered to your hotel the day before the start of your tour, too, so that all you have to do on your arrival is start listening! All of our guides are experienced in their use and will be able to help with any queries your members may have.

If the whisper audio headsets are something that you’re interested in, speak to Michael or Damian at the time of setting up your next group tour; we’ll happily arrange the headsets as part of your Tailored Travel tour.