Group Organiser profile – Jane Cornelius, Newbury DFAS

April 2013
Jane Cornelius

We understand that without our wonderful Group Organisers there would be no Tailored Travel. After all, it’s the Group Organiser who decides where the next adventure will be, rallies the members to book and acts as the liaison between us and the group. So we’ve asked Jane Cornelius of Newbury DFAS for her thoughts on what it takes to become a successful Group Organiser...

Your Name: Jane Cornelius


Group Name: Newbury DFAS

Size of group: typically 20-30, drawn from 500+ members

No of tours per year: generally 2-3

UK, Europe or worldwide?: yes, all three

Where are you going in 2013?: Lake District, Turkey, Midlands (silver study)


Favourite destination: everywhere new

Memorable moments: Great Wall of China, temples in Egypt

What have been the holiday highlights in recent years? Iran, Japan, Russia

Most enjoyable thing about being a GO: exploring and introducing new experiences to so many wonderful places

Least enjoyable thing about being a GO: airports

Top tip to other GOs: reading and detailed planning

Any thoughts on Tailored Travel’s service? Excellent