New website, same service

May 2016
Our re-designed website

We all feel better for a little care and attention. When you are pampered or get your hair done, maybe you have a bit more of a spring in your step. And the Tailored Travel website is no different to the rest of us. We’ve given it a bit of a makeover to give it a cleaner, fresher feel. In reality, it’s still the same source of inspiration for our Group Travel Organisers as it was before but now it’s easier on the eye and easier to navigate around. It's also now mobile friendly so you can easily navigate the site on your tablet or smart phone.

There are still loads of suggested tours to UK, Europe and worldwide to provide you with inspiration for your group’s next tour and lots of information to let you know how Tailored Travel can help to make your role as Group Travel Organiser that bit easier. You can see the kind things that others have had to say about us. And, of course, there are lots of ways for you to contact us – to get a quote, receive a brochure or simply to call to discuss your ideas. And you can do all this on your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

If you choose Tailored Travel to run your group’s next tour, as well as the printed colour four page holiday brochure for your group’s tour, your members will also be able to view the tour online, share it with friends and family and pay their final balance online.

Have a look round the new site. We’d love any feedback from you with your thoughts on the new layout.