Our Tour Managers

Our tour managers are quite simply fantastic! A Tailored Travel tour manager has to be. Why? Because they are our representatives on your holiday and, if we want to be known as the best groups tour operator, you and your group must get the best from Tailored Travel before, during and after your tour. After all a good tour manager makes a great holiday even better and ensures that you, as the group organiser, are able to relax and enjoy that holiday just as much as the rest of your group.

Of course, our tour managers will share with your group their in depth knowledge of the history, culture and people of the country you are visiting. They will also liaise with the hoteliers and other local suppliers to take care of small logistical arrangements that may arise, often even before you are aware there is any such issue. But as well as all that and, just as importantly, they are all friendly and approachable - someone you are happy to have alongside you on your holiday.


Paul “I work for TT predominantly in Spain but also Holland and the UK. Initially I applied to an anonymous advert in The Times to escape a dead end job and whilst most would accept we work to live, few people realise how rewarding this job is, constantly meeting new folk and sharing funny, interesting sometimes strange anecdotes and stories. Originally I was an industrial chemist. Due to previous careers I also cover Japan and the US.

I have lived and worked in Spain and so it gives me great pleasure returning to ‘la piel del toro’ to share my experiences and introduce the country’s wonderful cities to inquisitive friends. Equally I am just as happy travelling along Route 66 or being mesmerised by the seasonal beauty of the Kenroku-En in Kanazawa.

My interests include flamenco, cemeteries (before sunset!), cinema, beachcombing, Spanish art, the letter M, C20th decorative glass, Tommy Cooper, the Japanese maple tree family and the trials and tribulations of Tottenham Hotspur. My best feature would be my GSOH!!!

Safe travelling. Hasta luego.”


Thomas“When asked to manage and guide a group interested in architecture and history in Germany from the medieval to the current, my adventures as a lecturer and guide for cultural and art-oriented groups began. Little did I suspect what extremely inspiring, enriching, and educational opportunities were and are ahead!

Being a specialist for the German-speaking countries allows me to explore with my delightful groups many various aspects of culture and civilisation - art, architecture, history (some tragic, some humorous, some simply delightful), music, opera, cuisine, geology, and often times the beautiful landscapes of Germany, Austria and also the Netherlands. Quite honestly, I enjoy each and every experience equally, but if I must choose a favourite destination to visit perhaps I would choose the rococo Palace Sanssouci in Potsdam or the breathtakingly beautiful Wies Church (near Neuschwanstein) as my absolute ‘must-see’ destinations. Most importantly, I enjoy each and every group with which I have the pleasure of working.

Being a tour manager and guide requires enormous organisational and communication skills - one never knows what question or situation may occur. I have had the great fortune of managing the most interested and interesting groups - and it is my greatest pleasure to see those groups return to my part of the world to continue their explorations of our superb museums, palaces, gardens, music, opera, and cities. I greatly look forward to my continued association with Tailored Travel and to meeting you and your group.”



“I have worked as a Blue Badge Guide since 1990 when I qualified initially for Cumbria and then subsequently for North East England, a fabulous region which embraces Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Tees Valley. Before discovering professional guiding my career as a Personal Assistant with international organisations saw me living and working in London, Vienna and then the Lake District.

I get to guide now in some of the most deeply interesting and compelling places in the north of England and so am very often asked to name a favourite place. All I can say, quite simply, is that it is usually wherever I am guiding at any given moment. That may be the built environment of Durham City or Newcastle upon Tyne or it could be a single cultural icon such as Alnwick Castle, The Bowes Museum or Hadrian’s Wall. But it could also easily be whilst guiding the beautiful upland or coastal landscapes of the north east or whilst following in the footsteps of one of the many famous personalities whose lives and achievements across centuries helped shape this region.

I just find north east England endlessly fascinating and my aim in any tour is to tailor what I know in order to help my visitors discover what they don’t know. I try to help group members get beneath the obvious and reach an understanding of the less obvious and so depart this region with a real ‘sense of place’ and an understanding of its present as well as its past. And to learn and discover in a relaxed but informative way. There is no doubt in my mind that helping visitors really understand what it is they are looking at, whilst looking out for their everyday practical needs and questions, is one of the great pleasures of being a Blue Badge Guide.

If you have not yet visited North East England then please do consider it. To miss it would be to regret it. A warm welcome awaits you….”



“Growing up in Wilmslow, Cheshire, my travelling started when l secured employment with the airline, BEA, at their S1-11 base at Manchester Airport. With part of the fleet being based at Berlin's Templehof Airport, l thought learning German would be of benefit, so much so, that l was offered a position with Lufthansa at their Frankfurt base and moved to Germany. That was before driving a Citroen Dyane car from Frankfurt to Calcutta and shipping the car to Sydney. I would remain in Australia for 6 years. When I returned to Europe, my career took a change, and my last 36 years have been in travel and tour management covering the four corners of the world.


For me, the most important asset as a tour manager is to like people, but also to be fair, making sure that the client gets everything that they have paid for, and be conscious of things as they are, rather than how I would wish them to be. Being a good natured realist is important! It’s also important to go above and beyond, have a wealth of knowledge and be immeasurably vigilant in the clients’ comfort and safety.”


Ludo“I became involved in tourism through my love for travelling. Through experience and study, I have developed my skills as a tour manager and feel confident in dealing with a wide range of situations in this industry. A good tour manager can think on his feet, respond positively to a range of personalities but most of all possesses a warm smile.

The whole world is a beautiful place, Venice, however, remains one of my favourite places to visit. Magical. There are also many wonderful little towns in the central part of Italy that also lift my heart.

Having worked in tourism since 1984, I have had many memorable moments. One funny one that I like to recount... A client came down to the hospitality desk and informed that his key didn’t open the door. I went up to his room, checked the door and, to my surprise, the client inserted the electronic, plastic card key into the slot and tried to turn it!”


“I'm an art historian and art lecturer by training and profession, so am perhaps somewhat different from most tour managers. I studied at the universities of Oxford and Paris.

However, I have had a great deal of experience leading tours for various cultural organisations, working with adults and students alike. Having covered most European cities many times since I graduated, I think I know Europe fairly intimately. I also speak French, Italian, Spanish and German.

I'm often asked by younger guides/lecturers what the prerequisites of the job are. I think it takes time to build up experience and knowledge, but certain character traits are important too. My answer would be: one needs practical common sense and a real sense of organisation and time-keeping, the ability to stay cool and calm in tricky situations, the ability to work well with a wide range of people (not only the guests but also the drivers, local guides and hotel staff!), preferably good knowledge of history, art, architecture, local culture as well as food and wine (and good local restaurants!). To be able to speak the local language is enormously helpful. And to be flexible, depending on the age and background of the guests (for example, my young students walk a lot faster but are generally less knowledgeable than most of my Tailored Travel guests!) Oh, and a good sense of humour helps too!

What motivates me is my own love of travel, exploring foreign cultures, and sharing my passion for art and architecture.”