The true worth of any relationship is tested in adversity. You’ll remember back in April 2010 the disruption to fights caused by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Well at Tailored Travel we believe that we are responsible for your complete care and welfare before, during and after your tour and so for the 4 tours unable to get home – in Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Jordan and Seville – we took the decision to accommodate, repatriate and remain in constant communication with our clients entirely at our expense.

We had a ‘challenging’ few days over that weekend but it was so nice to hear from our clients that our efforts were so appreciated:

My wife and I would like to thank you for the way in which Tailored Travel responded to the cessation of air traffic due to the Icelandic volcano eruptions. You, your company and its agents showed great concern for your clients, quickly put together and executed an innovative plan to bring us back to from Istanbul and kept in touch with us throughout. This was an outstanding level of client service, particularly as you funded three extra nights in hotels and the coaches. Many thanks.

Brian Tytherleigh


May I thank your director for making such speedy arrangements to get us all back to Birmingham when the airlines had to close. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to know that the whole problem was being dealt with. I had meant to write immediately we returned, but age caught up with me! Please thank everyone involved for their efficiency and help. I and many of my companions felt very lucky to have been on holiday with Tailored Travel.

Judith Dewsbury


On behalf of my partner and myself (and I'm sure the other members of our group) I would like to thank you not only for arranging a delightful holiday in Spain, but also for your stirling work in getting us home. When we hear of all the other travellers' problems we realise how lucky we were! Deborah our tour manager was so efficient and such a friendly and helpful person who we hope to see again in the future. Once again many thanks.

Margaret Lister & Tim Trown


My wife and I were on the Dubrovnik holiday with our U3A last week and we would like to thank you for you prompt action in getting us back home safely. Although initially I was rather worried about travelling across Europe on a bus, in the end it was an enjoyable experience. But I don't want to do it again! It must have taken a lot of effort to arrange a bus with two drivers, hotel and a ferry in just a few days. Thank you.

Maurice & Dorothy Turner


We have returned recently from a tour to Jordan with our Friends group. It was an excellent tour with Ramsiz our first class guide who proved extremely knowledgeable, most considerate and helpful. However, we wanted especially to express our thanks to you for the many ways in which you were able to offer support and help to our group in coping with the unavoidable delay in leaving Amman. We were most grateful to be able to remain in our hotel for those extra days. We are impressed by your standard of efficiency and would be very happy to travel with your company again.

Mary Purnell & Norma Fraser


Well, that was an adventure: ten countries in 2 coaches in two and a half days! Thank you so very, very much for all the hard work involved and all the kindness in arranging our "repatriation".

Our spokesman Chris Bruce was magnificent. All the drivers were excellent............. and the 5 days in Istanbul were much enjoyed.

Wendy Bennett


Having just recently returned from the NADFAS tour to Istanbul I should like to express my appreciation of the way in which everything was arranged for the group to return. We were well accommodated and kept informed for which thanks go to the local guide, Ibrahim, and to a Mr Michael English who was working from the UK to make the arrangements.

Admittedly the 34 hours on the coach was not the best part of the holiday but everyone was glad to be heading homewards.

Barbara Harb


I was a member of the NADFAS group who visited Istanbul and were caught up in the volcanic ash problems. I am writing to thank you personally and all your team for making the end of our holiday such a positive experience. From moving us to the new hotel to organising our coach trip home. Somehow I enjoyed the 50 hours on the two coaches but it is not something I would choose to do again. We were lucky to have Ibrahim who was a good guide and managed our party with great skill and to have Chris Bruce who stepped up to handle negotiations with you and organised us so we knew what was happening all the time. I know we will all be singing the praises of travel with Tailored Travel.

Maggie Holland


I am one of the four "additional" passengers which your company kindly agreed to carry back to the UK from Istanbul on Sunday April 18th at NO CHARGE. I wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and support at a time when lots of people were out to profit from others' misfortune. My friend, Sally and I, will never forget our epic journey home, nor the great feeling of camaraderie we shared with our fellow travellers. Many people had difficult journeys back, but ours went very smoothly thanks to the brilliant organisation of your company. Your generosity has restored my faith in human nature!

Rachel Asbury


I felt I must write to thank you for arranging our return trip to Birmingham so promptly following the volcanic ash problem. You made excellent arrangements so quickly, which enabled us to have a good night's sleep in Bordeaux and the night ferry crossing. The driver and coach were excellent and we all arrived safely in Birmingham at about 3am on Tuesday. The trip was excellent and John and Deborah looked after us with their usual expertise and care. Nothing was too much for them. I am sure you have had a harrowing time over the last week or so, but you looked after us very well. Thank you.

Margaret Plant


I was one of the lucky people who went on this holiday last week. Everything was very good including Neda the excellent guide. My main reason for writing is to thank all at Tailored Travel for organising so efficiently our return by coach. It was a miracle so much was done in difficult circumstances. I knew already of TT's quality having visited the Palladian villas with you in 2008. In fact I'm going to Berlin shortly with you again!!

Philip Shields


We very much appreciated your organising the bus to take us home from Dubrovnik during these troubled times. How very fortunate the U3A used your firm to book the holiday. The bus was comfortable the drivers excellent and the overnight accommodation also very good. When I see all the problems other travellers are still having we do realise how lucky we are.

Tony & Sheila Nechvatal


Travel stained and weary we may be BUT what a great performance from you all to get us home so efficiently. All of us were so impressed and so grateful. Letter will follow but in the meantime a big THANKYOU.

Loïs Bower


My friend, Rachel Asbury, and myself were recently marooned in the Barcelo Topkapi Hotel Istanbul due to the volcano in Iceland. You were kind enough to allow us to hitch a ride home on the coach back to the UK with the group of Fine Art Society members. We would like to thank you so much for your kindness in a difficult situation. We really appreciate it.

Sally Clarke


Thank you so much for your expeditious and successful handling of our return journey from Istanbul. Our group was exceedingly fortunate to have the help of Ibrahim and yourself.

Turkey Airport could benefit from your planning! It seems ridiculous to have to queue for a visa then join another queue for passport control especially when only 2 controls were operating. The Calais passport people were wonderfully quick.

Elizabeth Rose


As a member of the Istanbul trip (12-16th April) I would just like to express my appreciation of your efforts to get us back to the UK last week. I realise that it must have been extremely difficult to make the arrangements that you did in such difficult circumstances and am extremely grateful for all the hard work you put in at the weekend to ensure our safe return.

Sandra Girling

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