10 years and counting…

May 2016

Back in February 2006, Michael and John had a tough decision to make. Which of two excellent candidates were they to choose as the company’s newest recruit? Damian came from a sales background in the group travel market. While Louise’ experience as a PA made her the perfect candidate to work alongside Sandy in the Operations Department. It was Michael who came up with the inspired solution. We recruited them both!

10 years later and that decision has been vindicated many times over. Both Louise and Damian have just celebrated their 10th anniversaries at Tailored Travel. Of course, we think they are wonderful, and so it seems do our clients:

“Hello Louise. Well, we have had a marvellous weekend in Devon, and I want to thank you very much for the attention to detail in the paperwork that you sent me beforehand, which made my job as tour leader so much easier. Please pass my thanks to Damian for his efficiency at my first enquiry last September, producing a draft itinerary within 24 hours!  I was impressed!” VA, Esher

“Damian, just to let you know that everyone who recently went on the trip to Kent which you organised, thoroughly enjoyed it and wished me to thank you and Louise. The itinerary was well chosen and very interesting. So a great success and we look forward to many trips with you in the future.” GE, Stevenage

“I would like to thank you personally, Louise, as I felt confident you were on the ball and thinking about little details which made me rest assured. Having organised for so many years, it can be difficult to let go - but I was delighted that everything ran so smoothly.” JS, Kent

“Thank you Louise for all your help and patience with me over the past few weeks as the final arrangements for the tour to Holland were made. I do appreciate your help and I realise that we are one of many Tours you are trying to finalise at the same time. Enjoy all that you are doing, and again thank you for all your help.” VW, Kingston upon Thames

“I had a chat with Damian after a memorable trip to Turkey. All in all we had a great tour. I also wanted to thank you, Louise, for the help you have given me. As you know, this is the first time I've undertaken such a task and your constant support and guidance throughout the process is very much appreciated.” LA, Ledbury

Just as much as we appreciate the loyalty of our Group Organisers, we also appreciate the loyalty of our staff. With that loyalty comes stability, consistency and experience. Combine that with hard work and a friendly attitude and we think we have the best staff in the Group Travel sector!